Time spent in necessary and reasonable travel related to a Criminal Justice Act (CJA) representation is compensable. The rate may not exceed the rate for time spent out of court. [Guide, Vol. 7, § 230.60(a)-(b)]

Ordinarily, compensable time for travel includes only those hours actually spent in or awaiting transit. If a trip requires overnight lodging, time spent traveling from the claimant's office and arriving at the hotel (or other place of accommodation) and time spent traveling from that destination back to the claimant's office would be compensable. [Guide, Vol. 7, § 230.60(b)]

If the travel is made for purposes in addition to the CJA representation, the court will determine whether, in fairness to the appointed attorney, the travel time should be apportioned. In making its determination, the court may consider the factors outlined in Guide, Vol. 7 § 230.50(g).