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Welcome to the National CJA Voucher Reference Tool

The purpose of the on-line Reference Tool is to provide quick access to the policies and procedures related to Criminal Justice Act (CJA) cases, beginning with the appointment of panel attorneys and continuing through the processing of vouchers to the approval of payment for services rendered.

The information is organized by "topics" and "roles" that can be accessed through the tabs above or below. Specific information can found by entering a "word" or "phrase" in the search box above. The "resources" tab includes quick reference sheets pertaining to policies for all user types; additional resources with links to access Volume 7 of the Guide to Judiciary Policy; CJA Forms; current and historical rates for (non-)capital compensation, mileage, and per diem; national websites; numerous directories, and contact phone numbers for further information on specific topics.

Panel attorneys and others outside the judiciary can access this tool through, click here, or, click here. Judiciary staff can also access this tool, as well as the Instructor-Led Training PowerPoint Presentation that can be incorporated into the courts' and/or federal defender organizations' local training, through the J-NET, click here.

Quick Start

Browse by Role

Click Roles in the top navigation bar to browse the reference tool's content by roles. You will then be prompted to select the role and topic of your choice. The displayed content will only be applicable to the role you selected, providing you with an opportunity to browse information in a more targeted and functional fashion.


Browse by Topic

Click Topics in the top navigation bar to browse the reference tool's content by topics. You will then be prompted to select a topic by clicking on the corresponding box. Once the content displays on the page, you may read all the information associated with your selection in a linear fashion.