This section discusses policies and procedures that apply to appointed attorneys' claims seeking reimbursement for their payment of out-of-pocket expenses, using Form CJA 20 or Form CJA 30.

These forms, with instructions for their use, may be found on the public judiciary website.

A copy of all required supporting documents must be attached to the Form CJA 20 or Form CJA 30. [Guide, Vol. 7, § 230.10] [Guide, Vol. 7, § 230.63.10]

For non-capital representations, the appointed attorney claims out-of-pocket expenses reasonably incurred by filling out box 17 (travel expenses) and box 18 (other expenses) of the Form CJA 20. For capital proceedings, the appointed attorney claims these expenses in boxes 16 and 17 of the Form CJA 30. These are claims for reimbursement of payments made by the appointed attorney. Attorneys should provide dates and a description of each expense, enter the total claimed, and submit supporting documentation for 1) all travel expenses, and 2) non-travel, single-item expenses over $50.

While time spent in common on more than one CJA representation must be prorated, the entire amount of travel or other expenses must be billed to one representation. The supporting materials to the voucher on which the expenses are billed must cross-reference the other CJA representations. [Guide, Vol. 7, § 230.50(f)] If the travel or other expenses are incurred for purposes in addition to the CJA representation, the court will determine whether, in fairness to the appointed attorney, the expenses should be apportioned. In making its determination, the court may consider the factors outlined in the Guide, Vol. 7, § 230.50(g).

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