When a defendant is charged in one indictment with severable counts, the attorney should submit one voucher and one case compensation maximum applies, whether or not the counts are severed for trial. [Guide, Vol. 7, § 230.50(a)]

When a defendant is charged in two or more indictments (other than a superseding indictment or information), a separate voucher should be submitted, and a separate compensation maximum applied, for each indictment (whether or not the indictments are consolidated for trial). [Guide, Vol. 7, § 230.50(b)]

Where a single counsel is appointed to represent multiple defendants, separate vouchers should be submitted, and a separate case compensation maximum applied for each defendant represented. [Guide, Vol. 7, § 230.50(c)]

Whenever appointed counsel submit separate vouchers (see the Guide, Vol. 7, § 230.50(b) and § 230.50(c)), time spent in common on more than one indictment or case must be prorated, and each indictment or case must be cross-referenced on the voucher. [Guide, Vol. 7, § 230.50(d)] However, expenses incurred in common must be billed to one of the CJA representations. [Guide, Vol. 7 § 230.50(f)]

The attorney must disclose to the court when travel or other work is for a purpose in addition to representing a CJA client, so that the court can determine whether the time or expenses should be apportioned and the attorney compensated for the time on expenses reasonably attributed to the CJA [See Guide, Vol. 7, § 230.50(g)]