For additional guidance and information regarding the appointment of qualified counsel in federal death penalty proceedings see:

Death Penalty Resource Counsel Projects

Death penalty resource counsel projects are staffed by attorneys with expertise in federal capital prosecutions, appeals, and capital post-conviction cases. These include the Federal Death Penalty Resource Counsel Project (capital prosecutions); Federal Capital Appellate Resource Counsel Project (capital appeals); Habeas Assistance and Training Counsel Project (capital § 2254 cases); and the 2255 Project (capital § 2255 cases).

Resource counsel are available to help judges recruit qualified counsel for appointment in capital cases, advise courts about Criminal Justice Act (CJA) issues and the defense function, and consult with individual assigned counsel. Resource counsel are also available to advise judges regarding case budgets submitted by panel attorneys for capital representations and to assist counsel in the preparation of budgets.

The resource counsel projects, which are overseen by the Office of Defender Services (ODS), Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts (AO), can be found here or by contacting the ODS, Legal and Policy Branch Duty Day Attorney, at 202-502-3030.