Reimbursement of Costs of Representation [Guide, Vol. 7, § 210.40.30(d)-(e)]

In order to make a final determination concerning whether the person then has funds available to pay for some or all of the costs of representation, prior to sentencing, the court should consider

  1. pertinent information contained in the presentence report,
  2. the court's intention with respect to fines and restitution, and
  3. all other available data bearing on the person's financial condition.

At the time of sentencing, in appropriate circumstances, the court should order the person to reimburse the CJA appropriation for the costs of representation. Future earnings should not be considered or subject to a reimbursement order; however, other income or after-acquired assets which will be received within 180 days after the date of the court's reimbursement order may be available as a source of reimbursement.

See also Guide, Vol. 7, § 230.40 (c)-(d).